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About Me


I am a content creator, fantasy novelist, and nerd.

I was born and raised in Oakland, California and have a deep love of dragons, time travel, and hyphy music. Growing up, I was always drawn to stories with magic and fantastical elements, and soon began writing my own (most of which have, thankfully, been lost to time and broken desktops). Books have always been the place I go both to escape and to shed light on my own life and perspective. 

In 2015, I co-founded Black Nerds Create, a collective and community for Black nerds and creators to come together to both critique and contribute to popular culture. I am a strong believer in the necessity of critiquing the things that you love, but also in the importance of telling and creating your own stories. Black Nerds Create does both—we have published essays, podcasts, and other content that discusses current media and fandoms while always highlighting Black creators and encouraging fans and aspiring creators to begin their creative journey. As CEO, I manage the website’s operations and content calendar, edit pieces that are published on the site, and create content myself.

When I am not working on BNC, I write my own stories, largely in the fantasy setting, the place where I’ve always found the most comfort. My stories are about magic, community, dragons, and fierce Black characters who struggle with balancing their dreams with what’s expected of them.

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